The end of the Golden Throne

A little bit of Prospecting

They group has arrived safely to the system. They made planet fall on the first planet that supported life. The planet seemed almost too accommodating and comfortable to Terran life. Very little of the local Fauna proved to be hostile but terrible razor winged birds were encountered.

They eventually encountered a strange alien city made of bone and blackish purple polished stone that seemed to resist most basic weapons attempt to destroy it. Cornelius and Gorgut fell victim to an alien device designed to entertain visitors to the city and fulfill their every desire. After being partially corrupted by the device Cornelius broke its hold on him, helped the ork escape its clutches and destroyed the device freeing the rest of the expedition team that had also been in its clutches.

The other two hustled their way through the empty streets till they encountered the huge dark tower in the center. Which was several hundred feet in size. The door was sealed and despite efforts both peaceful and violent the door would not open. When the group all gathered they found the door to the place would open immediately in the presence of Cornelius. Picking their way through the strange tower they encountered a counsel of six masked figures who bargained Cornelius’s freedom for a chance to build his empire and to aid in the battle against the Imperium.

Cornelius refused the counsel threatened him and his allies with a fate worse then death. At which point the tower itself unleashed a beam of pure warp energy tearing the fabric of reality and unleashing demons. The encounter was terrifying and the group beat a hard retreat demons on their heels to the edge of the city.

They have boarded the Lux ready to leave the system their expedition largely a success. Escaping the perils of the warp to face the horrors of commerce.



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