The end of the Golden Throne

The Arrival of the Eighth Massacre

March of the Damned.

While the rest of the group fought against Magos Juris on the Omnissiah’s Vigil. Tristan using his disguise as an Officer aboard his current Imperial Navy vessel, played out his gambit of betrayal. Having one of Echero’s vessels open fire on his Imperial ships he seized the opportunity to call out betrayal and attack Echero’s vessel in return. The ships traded shots but in the end it looked as if Tristan would be the victor and securing a breach in the Imperial Blockade for the Pirate fleet.

Things turned dramatically for the worse when a Chaos Cruiser exited the warp and engaged both wounded ships in a battle to the death. Through decisive action Tristan crippled the vessel and eventually boarded it leading his men to victory over its crew. This was not the end however as a spearhead fleet lead by the Eighth Massacre(Susie) tore into the system and chased Tristans Vessel back to the Pirate fleet where a massive battle has begun.



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