The end of the Golden Throne

The Council is adjourned

Death of the Council

Having arrived back on the planet after their battle with the Council aboard their vessel they found the planet far less hospitable with terrible storms and purple skies. Unable to vox the surveyor site they bravely made planet fall. They found the camp in tatters with bodies everywhere. Some investigation showed a hasty retreat by some survivors and following that they found a small group of surveyors in caves.

They found out that Jarvin was determined to end this menace or die on his feet, gathered a large attachment of his remaining men to assault the city and end this menace once and for all. This resulted in a complete slaughter of most of his men. Fighting their way to the very top the Counsel of six arrived to oppose them. Severely beating Jarvin and killing most of the rest of the group. A lone man In storm trooper armor and a covered face set about to destroy the tower alone. When things were looking grim however Capt. Sephirus and his retinue arrived to bring the wrath of the Emperor down on this vile Council.

Destroying the tower the city was slowly being consumed by a vortex in time and space. They escaped the city in an Valkyrie Gunship. They fought a pitched battle with a horde of Screamers with the Council at their head. Mowing down hordes of screamers some managed to get past the barrage to do extensive damage with beams of white hot fire. The team fought them in every way possible.

Brother Ophaniel even climbed to the top of the vehicle to face the beast in single combat. After taking a few hits the Council decided the best course of action was to cripple the ship and let gravity do his work for him. He destroyed the vessel but in doing so the explosion destroyed him. Tumbling from the sky quick thinking saved them from certain death. Touching the earth below they watched the remains of the city disappear in the warp as the vortex closed forever.



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