The end of the Golden Throne

The power of reason

The Death of Ritual.

Driving deep into the Omnnisiah’s Vigil Temperus, Ophaniel, and Sephirus fought their way to the bridge. There at the helm was none other then Magos Juris himself. His fury for the blasphemies of “Truth” that Temperus stood by drove him to battle.

Using the best that the Order of the Dragon had to offer his shrine was transformed into a giant Dreadnought class vehicle of death. With four arms terminating in ancient and powerful weapons. He strove to destroy Temperus with the wrath of the Machine God but ultimately failed. Temperus literally tearing the Machine to pieces before Ophaniel flanked the great machine and destroyed it for good, killing Magos Juris in the process. After which Temperus showed what the power of reasons has over superstition and ritual by easily defeating the lockout codes preventing him from taking the Helm of the Omnissiah’s Vigil and forging a new chapter for the Mechanicus.



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