Baldovin Cormac

Astropath of the Lux


A quite and introspective man. Hes small in stature and gaunt in frame. He wears flowing robes to hide his physique. He carries a staff topped with the aquila. His eyes are a deep brown somehow surviving the damaging effects often brought on by the soul binding. He bears many waving scars across his face. He is bald with his eyebrows shaved.


Baldovin Cormac was one of last Psykers to ever be claimed from his outposts by the black ships. His planet was an outpost in the system Mani on the Planet designated Mani III His ascension came late in the night and all on the same eve as hundreds of other Psykers. A great fleet fell upon his world that day. Screaming marauders interested only in bloody ruin. They offered no barter and no quarter. It was only the chaotic energy of hundreds of uncontrolled psykers that slowed down the invaders. So deadly was the manifestation of power that one of the invaders mighty warships was pulled from space to the planet below. The ship striking the planet marked the beginning of the end for his world. Survivors were pilled into ships and in desperation they fled their world. They escaped to a neighboring system as news of the attack spread. eight settlements had been destroyed and just as sudden as the Marauders came they vanished. For the rest of the refugees they could finally rest. For the surviving Psykers however there would be no rest.
Of all the Psykers that had awakened only fifty of them made it aboard ships to flee the invaders, of those fifty only twenty-three were of strong enough mind to be allowed to live. He spent every day for two years with a gun to his head waiting for any sign of corruption, or any lapse in control. It was walking this razor edge of death and power that he found his focus. It was this focus that saved his sight when the time came to be bound to the emperor. As the great overwhelming power of the Astronomican poured into his soul he felt only peace. He channeled the power in his soul away from him the lines of power escaping seared his face but his eyes he kept. He often looks upon his scarred face as a reminder of the line he must walk in his service to the emperor.

Baldovin Cormac

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