John Breaker

Information Broker/Cold Trade Dealer


AWOL member of the imperial guard. During his time in the imperial guard he operated as quartermaster for his unit for the Department of Munitorium. A master of fast talk and connections he managed to procure a number of both illegal and highly restricted equipment for various Regiments in the field. Hes efforts did not go unnoticed by the Munitorium and after being sold out by a rival gunning for his position the Munitorum decreed a tribunal would be formed in light of his disregard for regulation. Seeing the change in the wind he disguised himself as a member of another regiment and had himself shipped off world and later slipped away from the vessel when it made a stop at port wander. After stowing himself aboard a rogue traders vessel he crossed the Maw to Footfall. His clever whit and guile keeping him comfortable and connected in the Kronus Expanse.


John Breaker

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