Brother Ophaniel

A goliath of a man wrapped in the trappings of a displaced Dark Angel astartes.


Home World: Caliban

WS: 61
BS: 55
S: 60 (10)
T: 50 (9)
Ag: 46
Int: 30
Per: 31
WP: 47
Fel: 38
Renown: 34

Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness, Willpower, Offense, Finesse, Fellowship

Athletics +10, Awareness, Command +20, Common Lore: (War), Dodge, Intimidate, Medicae, Operate (Aereonautics), Parry +10, Scholastic Lore: (Tactica Imperialis), Secret Tongue: (Military, Rogue Trader), Speak Language: (Low Gothic), Trade: (Armorer)

Hatred (Chaos), Ambidextrous, Air of Authority, Autosanguine, Bulging Biceps, Chem-Geld, Combat Master, Commanding Presence, Counter-Attack, Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Death From Above, Duelist, Fearless, Guardian, Hardy, Heightened Senses (Sight, Hearing), Iron Jaw, Killing Blow, Light Sleeper, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons), Sound Constitution (2), Sure Strike, Swift Attack, True Grit, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Unarmed Warrior, Wrestling, Heavy Weapon Training (Bolt), Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Basic Weapon Training (Las), Enemy (Dark Angels)

Unnatural Strength 4, Unnatural Toughness 4, Amphibious,
Ossmodula (Blackbone Lacing)

Wounds: 16
Fate Points: 3

Power Sword (Mordian)
Damage: 1d10+19 E
Pen: 6
Special: Power Field, +15 Balanced

Lion’s Paws – Paired Lightning Claw
Damage: 1d10+21 E
Pen: 8
Special: Power Field, Proven (4), +2 damage per WS success.

Bolt Pistol (Ceres)
Damage: 1d10+5 X
Pen: 4
Range: 30m
Clip: 8
Rld: Full
Special: Tearing

Golden relic bolter
Fidelitas – Relic Botlgun w/ Aux Grenade Launcher
Damage: 1d10+9 X
Pen: 4
Range: 120m
Rld: Full
Special: Reliable, Tearing, Holy, Hellfire Rounds (Toxic 3. Wrath on 9 or 10)


Damage: -
Pen: 0
Range: 45m
Reload: Full
Special: Haywire (3)

Composite Mk: 4/5 Power Armor
AP: Head 8/11 Arms 7/10 Body 9/12 Legs 7/10
Auto-senses: Dark Sight and Heightened Senses (Sight and Sound) +10. Immunity to photon flash and stun grenades. Called shots are Half Actions.
Intergral Auspex: +20 Awareness at 50m.
Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer: Enviro-Sealed, maintain oxygen levels as long as powered.
Bio-Monitor and Injectors: +10 to resist Toxic, 6 does of pain suppressors to ignore critical effects for 1d10 rounds, If stunned the effect lasts for a maximum of one round.
Vox Link
Magnetized Boots
Nutrient Recycling: Suit can sustained character for long periods of time.
Recoil Suppression: Can fire basic weapons one handed.

  • A Fury like lightning (+5 Agility, +1 Init)
  • Terror be thy Friend (Fear: 1)
  • Thine Arm be the scourge of the Impure (+5 WS, -5 BS)

Ruminations of a Fallen Angel – Ophaniel’s Theme

Equipment: Chamoline Cloak, Jump Pack, Frag Grenades, Conversion Field (50/1)


Ophaniel was born during the height of the Great Crusade upon the surface of the verdant planet Caliban, the planet that would eventually become the home world of the Emperor’s first legion of Astartes, The Dark Angels.

Born a child of common bearing to a father with no great feats to his name, Ophaniel it seemed was doomed to a harsh life of mediocrity on a planet that reveled in it’s own ability to take human life. However, the young Ophaniel sought a different path for himself. One where he rufused to lay down and become another sacrifice to the Death World that was Caliban.

Armed with nothing more than his own tenacity ans stubbornness, he petitioned to join the Order, the finest of Knightly Brotherhoods led by none other than the fabled Lion El’Johnson and his savior Luther.

As an supplicant, he stood at attention outside of the gates of the great fortress, Aldurukh for six days, watching as each day the knights came and selected one supplicant for the most promising and prestigious families, and each day another disheartened supplicant would abandon his dreams and convictions leaving the formation and returning home in shame.

Ophaniel had little to return to on the frontier, he would either die here in the steps of the fortress, or in the forests of Caliban. So he stood, and he waited.

On the opening of the seventh day, the gates opened and the knights strode out to look upon their hopefuls. Starving, chilled, and asleep on his feet was only the poor Ophaniel. Such determination was awarded with a place in the Order, and a long path ahead in his dream of becoming a Knight of Caliban.

The next few years were filled with challenges beyond training, and Ophaniel was battered and bullied by his ‘betters’. Young men from the noble families that felt that Ophaniel had no place in the Order and that he should leave so he would not taint such a group with his low born breeding.

The young would-be knight did not yield to his peers, and in fact surpassed them when he caught the eye of Master Remiel, the Master of the Circles. Despite all odds, the young man would fight on, pushing himself to become better and better with each failure or setback. These were traits that Remiel admired in the young boy, and with the Master of Circles at his side, Ophaniel’s training with sword and shield grew at an astounding rate.

Then came the Emperor.

Born upon wings of light and fire, the first of the Dark Angels descended upon Caliban to claim their missing Primarch, the Lion. They would sweep him to the stars to reforge humanity’s destiny, but not before bringing his warriors into the fold.

So, Ophaniel became one of the Emperor’s Dark Angels, and at the side of the Lion and Luther, reached out to the stars to fight in the Great Crusade.

Here the young Astartes witness such wonders both on and off the battlefield. He witnessed Ullanor and the massive battle against the Ork Horde, the aftermath where the Emperor crowned Horus the Warmaster of the Crusade, fought pitched battles with splinters of humanity that did not share the vision of the Emperor and rallied violently against the light of reason.

But during the height of the Crusade, Ophaniel and many of the native Calibanite Dark Angels were sent back to their homeworld and told to help speed the induction of new Astartes to fuel the warmachine of the First Legion. It was a post that stung many of the returning Marines, and though none spoke it, they all felt as though the glory of the Crusade was passing them by, and that they would never again fight along their Primarch’s side.

It was here that the seeds of melancholy descent were sown.

Brother Ophaniel

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