Casius Sephirus


An old but proud man standing like a monument crumbling but refusing to loose its majesty. Hes a greying old man whose face is fraught with wrinkles. his hair of hair cut short and grey. He dresses in the finery of a noble man more concerned with business reputation then any sense of fashion.


The Father of house Sephirus, he has seen more then his share of trouble during his patriarchy. His house shamed, his eldest son imprisoned, his assets seized. He speaks little of what caused the scandal that had threatened to wipe out his line or what he did to clear his households name. Many of his retainers had been killed in the scandal hunted down by agents of the Imperium. Despite that he still maintains a number of contacts in the Calaxus sector and the Kronus Expanse. Despite the cleared name of the Sephirus household there are many enemies who will stop at nothing to see it destroyed.

Casius Sephirus

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