Lord Octuras Tarrant

Rogue Trader Tarrant


A slender clean shaven man with short hair cut in the latest fashion of the Calaxus sector. He dresses in the most rare and expensive finery found in Kronus. He is never seen wearing the same outfit twice and each outfit more flamboyant then the last.


Lord Tarrant has a reputation as a sniveling and decadent noble more focused on nice parties then personal glory. Decadent to the extreme he was a constant drain on his fathers finances as well as harming his political career with the many scandals he got caught up in. in an effort to make some use of his son His father bestowed upon him his warrant of trade when he turned 30. His Father figured it be better to make him work for his fortune and maybe if he was lucky Octuras would disappear in the Kronus expanse for good. However despite his protests he has proven to be far more successful then his father wanted. His constant socializing has given him many friends and contacts throughout the sector and he has a shrewd eye for quality. His major strengths financially are in supplying the nobility with trendsetting new fashions and decadent foods and drugs from the kronus expanse.

Lord Octuras Tarrant

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