Navigator Feldrin

Proud Navigator of the Lux


Feldren displays confidence in his abilities but does no brook insult skills even if he fails. He displays his third eye with a certain pride not choosing to hide his mutation under his hood. He has a white streak in his otherwise black hair. He has a gaunt figure hiding under large flowing robes.


Feldren has been working for house severus since he was of an age to be of use to his family. The Severus house and house Tethese have a long standing contract and their fortunes have risen and fallen together. Feldren is not as charasmatic as other members of his household but what he lacks in social tact is made up for in his raw abiities navigating the warp. Indeed he wears no cybernetic enhancements as his genetic line is so strong as to not need it. A fact that he displays with pride. Many of the Novitor houses would gladly kill to get a hold on House Tethese secrets and genetic code.

Navigator Feldrin

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