Bellator Irae

An imposing control cruiser.


Dimensions: 5.1 km long, 0.8km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 29 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 85,000 crew, 15,000 pilots and support personnel
Accel: 2.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration

Speed: 7/5
Manoeuvrability: 15/10
Detection: 18/13
Hull Integrity: 70
Void Shields 3
Armour: 20
Turret Rating: 6
Space: 77
Space Remaining: 8
SP: 96
Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, 2 Port, 2 Starboard
Energy Output: 88
Energy Consumption: 61

Essential Components:
Jovian Pattern Class 4 .5 ‘Warcruiser’ Drive [C:Best] , Miloslav H-616b Warp Engine [C:Best], Gellar Field, Combat Bridge [C:Best], Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer , Ghost-Field Array (Concealed), Ghost-Eye Auger Array (Concealed), Voidsmans Quarters,

Supplemental Components
Teleportarium (Concealed), Flak Turrets, Murder Servitors [20 Cmd H&R, Choose 1-6 Critical inflicted in H&R], Storm Troopers(Best Quality) [x2 Hull Dmg H&R; +1d5 Dmg to Crew in DEF Boarding Actions], Runecaster [20 Nav tests, All travel at half time], Micro-Laser Defense Grid, Barracks [20 Cmd to Boarding/H&R], Small Craft Repair Deck,

Star-Flare Lance Prow [Strength: 3 Damage: 1d10+3, Crit: 3, Range: 7] Location: Prow
Mars Pattern Broadsides [Strength: 5 Damage: 1d10+2, Crit: 5, Range: 6] Location: Port/Starboard
Jovian Pattern Launch Bays [Strength: 2 Damage: *, Crit: *, Range: *] Location:Port/Starboard

Skill Modifiers:
Tech-Use Repair Ship/Emergency Repairs 10, Navigation/Warp 20, CMD/H&R 60, CMD/Boarding 20, CMD/H&R (Def) 60, CMD/Boarding (Def) 30

Past Histories/Complications:
Wrothful/Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Bellator Irae

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