Omnissiah's Vigil

Indris Temperus' Line Cruiser


Dimensions: 5.1 km long, 0.7km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 29 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 19,000 crew
Accel: 4.6 gravities max sustainable acceleration

Speed: 5
Manoeuvrability: 12
Detection: 20
Hull Integrity: 74
Void Shields 2
Armour: 20 (22 Prow)
Turret Rating: 1
Space: 77
Space Remaining: (unknown)
SP: (unknown)
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, 2 Port, 2 Starboard
Energy Output:
Energy Consumption:

Essential Components:
Modified Jovian Pattern Class 4 .5 ‘Warcruiser’ Drive [C:Best] , Miloslav H-616b Warp Engine [C:Best], Gellar Field, Bridge of Antiquity, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer , Multiple Void Shield Array, Voidsmans Quarters,

Supplemental Components*
Teleportarium, Barracks, Murder Servitors, Laboratorium Annexes, Crew Reclamation Facilities, Runecaster [20 Nav tests, All travel at half time], Flak Turrets

Mars Pattern Macrocannon Batteries Port/Starboard
Vx22 Sunwrath Lance Batteries Port/Starboard
Vx23 Sunwrath Extended Lance Dorsal

Skill Modifiers:
+10 Cmd checks, +20 Cmd boarding actions, +30/50 Cmd Hit & Run (Standard/Teleportatium), Half all crew losses, Never suffers Morale loss.

Past Histories/Complications:
Best Craftsmanship Servitor Crew, Accurate Weapons,


Omnissiah's Vigil

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