The end of the Golden Throne

That was a nice tour of the ship xeno now get off my bridge!
Stryxis punting

The team battled their way to the bridge of the sword frigate, part of the stryxis Xebec. They encountered a curious Dark Eldar working in tandem with the Stryxis. Their was a brutal melee with the stryxis being destroyed instantly but no one able to pin down the dark eldar long enough to kill him. The stryxis have activated emergency protocols and are now going to cast the ship and its slave crew to the warp to protect their secrets and kill the Rogue trader and his crew.

The Battleground
Battleground Maw

The crew of the Lux began their Journey through the Maw to get to the Kronus Expanse. As they prepared to face the brutal warp tides the maw could bring they encountered a dangerous packet of warped reality. While they managed to break through the brutal tides many of their crew fell ill to the corrupting nature of the warp. Their Gellar fields held for the journey and found themselves at their next stop within the Maw, the Battleground.

An ancient battle happened here and now this sector of space is nothing but stripped and drifting hulks in the void. Used as a safe haven by pirates and xenos alike salvagers occasionally come here looking for some forgotten archeoteck left behind but more often then not they add their ships to the graveyard.

The crew answered a distress call for a ship reported missing within the Battleground a few days prior, and arived to find it looted by Stryxis slavers. They battled hard and won the loyalty of Jovina Cas captain of the Light Cometh. Now they must begin their daring escape which has led the crew to do battle on the Stryxis cruiser itself…


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