Ophaniel's Journal


Grand Inquisitor Lysandros has offered us amnesty, at least from his so called righteous fire, in exchange for the knowledge of the time when the Emperor walked the stars among his Sons and battled the enemies of humanity shoulder to shoulder.

So in my first journal entry, I will state with no uncertainties or prose . . . Emperor_s_Lament2.jpg

The Emperor was no God.

Nor did he wish to be.

Yes, he was impressive beyond measure, standing above the common man like a giant of resplendent gold and fire.

But he was mortal flesh and blood, like you and I. Capable of bleeding, and dying.

If you wish to learn more of the time I come from, then you must divorce yourself from the thought that this great man was anything but a man.

If you can not come to terms with this undeniable truth, then it is fruitless to continue to read further.

The Imperial Truth

We were on a mission to reunite humanity. To drag our brothers out of the darkness of Old Night and into the enlightened age. To reforge our shared destiny, and to venture out to the furthest stars to find the answers that they may hold.

It was an age of looking to understand ourselves and our galaxy. Where questioned were rewarded with answers, not righteous indignation and punishing fire.

We pushed our limits to learn, and in turn shared that information with our brothers in an attempt to improve their lot in life.

Knowledge was power, and the Emperor wished for all of humanity to be powerful.

He tore down the ignorant churches, who’s false faith in Gods did nothing to further humanity. He had no need for these institutions who’s answers to all the great questions of the universe were simply ’God’s Will’.

Science and discovery were the bread and butter of our lives, and each star we reached out to reclaim held answers and inevitably more questions.

And that was his creedo.

“Question everything, but serve humanity in all things.”

I will write more in the coming days and months . . .


Ophaniel's Journal

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