The end of the Golden Throne

Building an empire

A mining endevor.

Securing resources from system 568.

My agents discovered a rumor of a resource rich system discovered by accident by a frigate in Lord Echero’s employ. While this information has most surely been passed on to Echero himself there has been no word of his attempts to claim the system. I have secured coordinates and warp routes that are turbulent but not impossible for a skilled navigator.

Mining Endeavor:greater 1,200 Achievment points.

Requirements: Hire a survey team, Secure mining compacts, Acquire skilled transporters to transport resources, Find buyers, acquire planetside facilities and mining equipment and hab blocks for miners.

Objective:1 Survey the system and its planets
Objective:2 Secure the system of any hostiles or threats to mining operations
Objective:3 Find a safe route that transports can use as shipping lanes for mining camp and shipping of resources
Objective:4 Convince others of mining operations success and find a buyers willing to fund continue exploitation of the system to the mutual benefit of all parties involved(except the miners. their life is probably going to be terrible. So grim-dark!)



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