The end of the Golden Throne

No rest for the weary.

You'll never be safe.

After the battle for the Rock. Everything was settling down over the course of weeks. Reparations and relief efforts were provided for the planet now that the battle had ended. However all was not well for the newly minted microforce fighting for the imperial truth.

A sudden ambush and an enigmatic ally remind the team that there can be no rest. Their only defense against their enemies is constant vigilance. A strange golden being was unleashed in the Omnissiah Vigil. The saboteur that unleashed them escaped in the confusion.

A vision of a crusade doomed to failure. Plans are made. Their time is short. The empire can throw endless soldiers at a rebellion until it is crushed. Though they have a host of Dark Angels at their disposal even that alone will not suffice. They have to win decisive victories and turn more people to their line of thinking if they ever hope to stand against the might of the Emperor’s hammer.



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