Seven Stitch

A leather clad Demon of mercy


Seven Stitch is a demon obsessed with sensations of being real as well as mercy for the suffering. She bargains for pieces of humans and aliens looking to escape a terrible fate. And giving peaceful painless ends to those whose fate is sealed. Maintaining a presence in realspace by changing out parts of her corporeal form. Pieces obtained slowly degrade and mutate and her essence starts to fade. She finds new potentials through her band of outcast eldar whom she protects from Slaanesh’s drain through their sacrifices.

She looks like a Leather clad feminine human pieced together from various humans. It is not uncommon to see masculine pieces mixed into her form. Being in her presence gives a feeling of cold surgical slabs and the clinking of tools. A sort of dread quite surrounds her. She speaks in a calming peaceful voice that inspires a desire to just let go.


Seven Stitch

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